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Census About Last Name: Clark (what does Clark mean?)

Clark,has it's origins in English .Means "cleric" or "scribe", from Old English clerec meaning "priest", ultimately from Latin clericus. A famous bearer was William Clark, an explorer of the west of North America.It ranks 25 in names in the population,with 548369 owners.It has a 203.28 occurrence per 100000 people,with a cumulative proportion of 8570.27 for the same population demarcation.Here's a breakdown of the races: 76.84 are Non-Hispanic whites, 18.53 are Non-Hispanic blacks,0.41 are Non-Hispanic Asian and Pacific Islander Only,0.94 are Non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaskan Native Only,the Non-Hispanic with 2 or more races take 1.6,while persons of Hispanic origin come in at 1.68 .

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